Android app Developer, hobbyist programming,IOT and web developing & Founder of HKblog

I have been coding Java for over 3 years (as well as JavaME for 1, web developmrnt for 5, Android for 3 and C# for 1, Java FX for 3 years).Coding is not just my job, but also my passion. 3 years of development experience (apps and tools), with 15 of them being exclusively on the mobile phone.

Android app Development

Developing native android apps within local and realtime database according to requirement and demand.

Web App Development

Based on Laravel Framework and Raw coding.

Graphic Design

Constructing creative design based on requirement projects.


Construct projects, based on real life impact within hardware and software combination.

Latest & Greatest

Android-App {12/06/2018}

Travel Assistant

Binding and organizing daily tour, travelling and event within memory.

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Web-Application {12/06/2019}

local Transport Tracing

An effecient way to find out route and local transport within Dhaka city.

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IoT Based Android-app {12/09/2019}

Autumated Vehicle Detection

An IOT based android app whereby vehicle license might be identify within automated process. In this case, sensor sense vehicle and handover information to app;

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Android-Application {12/06/2019}

Smart Proxy

An smart attandence management system within list of batch and students respecttively.

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Web-Application {12/01/2020}

HK BlogSpot

Writing content indipendently sensing all types of knowledge around us.

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Android-App {12/06/2018}

Daily Expense Note

Store daily expenses parameter with document and date wise filtering and retrieve respectively.

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Android-Application {12/06/2019}

KShop(E-commerce app)

An ecommerce android app to manage both admin and customer to bying daily necessary items and completing order to deliverying process effeciently.

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